Flash Loans Academy Agenda

Flash Loans Academy Agenda

By Equalizer Team
December 23, 2021

Flash Loans Academy Agenda

Flash Loan is a very powerful trading instrument that is unique to blockchain and enables the creation of new strategies, opportunities, businesses, and profits. At Equalizer, we decided to bring the Flash Loans, Flash Loan use-cases and, DeFi closer to our community, developers, traders, and platforms which can greatly benefit from this novel tool.

We announced the launching of the Equalizer Academy in November and in the meantime the team has worked on the agenda and the format for the Academy, which you will find below. The first meeting is scheduled for the end of January. We are now one step closer to making Flash Loans available to everyone!

Main topics covered for 3 months:

  • Block processing
  • EVM and Smart Contracts
  • Flash Loans
  • Arbitrage, Liquidation and Collateral swap
  • Trading arbitrage strategies
  • Trading automation or trading bots


  • Online meeting organized every two weeks to hold discussions or have hands-on workshops
  • Agenda and learning materials shared before the meeting
  • Open format meaning that everyone can propose new agenda items, topics or workshops


Understanding Flash Loans 1

In this meeting, we discuss:

  • how blockchain processes blocks, transactions and smart contracts
  • what are smart contracts
  • what makes Flash Loans possible

Understanding Flash Loans 2

In this meeting, we discuss:

  • What are Flash Loans
  • Why they are risk- and collateral-free
  • Example flash loans (block explorers)
  • Example flash loan Smart Contract

Flash loan use-cases

In this meeting, we discuss:

  • What flash-loans can be used for
  • What is arbitrage
  • What is collateral swap
  • What is liquidation/self-liquidation

Flash loans in action 1

In this meeting, we discuss:

  • what are interfaces in a programming language
  • EIP standard for Flash Loan interfaces (https://eips.ethereum.org/EIPS/eip-3156)
  • how a flash loan smart contract is structured
  • flash loan examples on Etherscan

Flash loans in action 2

In this meeting, we discuss:

  • how to compile and deploy Smart Contracts using REMIX IDE
  • how to interact with smart contracts via Etherscan
  • how to borrow and return a Flash Loan 

Comparison of flash loan providers

In this meeting, we

  • present different Flash Loan providers
  • compare the Flash Loan providers
  • show how to migrate between flash loan providers 


In this meeting, we discuss:

  • What is an arbitrage
  • What arbitrage opportunities we know
  • How to identify arbitrage opportunities
  • Risks and opportunities