DeFi Flash Loans
Made Easy

The first dedicated platform that equalizes the
decentralized markets

EQZ Token

DeFi Opportunity

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Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
exponentially increasing market:
$ 40B Total Value Locked
Decentralized Exchange (DEX)
exponentially increasing volume:
$ 60B Per Month
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Liquidations, rebalances, arbitrage
and collateral swapping are
a need, not a trick!

$700 M

Flash Loans

   What are flash loans?

Our Advantages

Specially designed as a marketplace for
DeFi Flash Loans

Eq circle
  • Low fees
  • Wide (virtually unlimited) choice of token vaults
  • Highly available liquidity (based on Yield Farming)
  • Extensive documentation and examples
  • Multi-Chain and Cross-Chain capabilities
Background Background

Business Model

Receive USDC + Fees
Send BAT
Receive BAT + Fees

Vaults - Smart Contracts
Receive USDC Flash Loan
Pay back USDC + Fees
Recieve BAT Flash Loan
Pay back BAT + Fees


Governance Token

The Equalizer token denomination is EQZ and it represents the ERC20
token used for platform governance.
The total fixed supply is 100,000,000 tokens.

Incentive for Liquidity Providers of the
Equalizer Token Vaults as a
Yield Farming instrument.

Stimulate the uptake and integration of
Equalizer platform in other existing or
future platforms in the DeFi market.
Incentive for Liquidity Providers of the
decentralized exchanges, as a
Liquidity Mining reward.

Funding pool for R&D projects with
focus to multi-chain and
cross-chain capabilities.

Our Roadmap

Type_Checked Setup platform infrastructure
Type_Checked Develop, test and improve the platform for the best user experience
Type_Checked Develop, test and audit smart contracts
Type_Checked Deploy on Ethereum Main-Net
Type_Checked Develop and test the most innovative Yield Farming Program in DeFi market
Type_Checked Deploy on BSC Main-Net
Checkbox Deploy and bootstrap the Yield Farming Program
Checkbox Organize the first Flash Loan contest on ETH and BSC to attract the best developers
Checkbox Fill up the relevant vaults to provide reliable liquidity
Checkbox Bootstrap the awareness and the visibility of Equalizer in the Flash Loan Market
Checkbox Expand in three new DeFi ecosystems (chains)
Checkbox Integrate with five Defi Apps/Wallets/Trading Platforms that consume Flash Loan Services
Checkbox Stabilization of the platform, apply all the needed enhancements
Checkbox Develop and implement the first iteration of the governance
Checkbox Expand the Equalizer Team
Checkbox Gamification of the usage of Flash Loans for different use cases
Checkbox Gain 25% of the total Flash Loan market volume
Checkbox Target to be in top 200 coinmarket cap
Checkbox Target listing on top DEX and/or CEX
Checkbox Expand the awareness and the visibility of Equalizer in the Flash Loan market
Checkbox Start the R&D to innovate the flash loan protocol, to explore new use cases and applications of the flash loan service in the DeFi market
Checkbox Expand the R&D Equalizer Team
Checkbox Sign new strategic partnerships for non-EVM chains
Checkbox Expand in other relevant DeFi ecosystems (chains)
Checkbox Gain 50% of the total Flash Loan Market volume
Checkbox Integrate with the most relevant DeFi Apps/Wallets/Trading Platforms
Checkbox Develop and implement the second iteration of the governance model
Checkbox Be the market leader of the flash loan ecosystem (with more than half of the total flash loan volume)
Checkbox Expand in all relevant DeFi ecosystems (Chains)
Checkbox Deliver the first result from our R&D department in terms of innovating the flash loan protocol or inventing a new use case for the flash loan market
Checkbox Integrated with all relevant DeFi platforms and DEX trading platforms that consume flash loan services
Checkbox Develope and implement the decentralized governance model
Checkbox Target to be in top 100 coinmarket cap
Checkbox Listed on top DEXs and CEXs