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Equalizer's AMA Recap Article

by Equalizer Team
March 18, 2024
Equalizer's AMA recap article

In a comprehensive and insightful interview, Chris Lea welcomed Julian, the driving force behind Equalizer Finance, to discuss the project's journey, its innovations, and the vision for the future within the DeFi space. Founded three years ago, Equalizer has positioned itself as a pioneer in flash loans technology, a tool aimed at equalizing the DeFi markets by addressing discrepancies in liquidity and token prices across different platforms.


Foundational Goals and Innovations

Julian articulated Equalizer's mission to stabilize and equalize the DeFi markets, creating a resilient ecosystem. Central to this mission are flash loans, which, despite their controversial reputation due to association with DeFi hacks, serve a critical function in market arbitrage and liquidity. Julian highlighted the vast, though often invisible, market for flash loans, emphasizing their role in correcting price disparities across exchanges and protocols, which is foundational to Equalizer's goal of building a more stable and efficient DeFi landscape.

"Our main focus is to build a resilient DeFi ecosystem, making sure that all the prices are aligned in all the DeFi protocols, and this can be done mostly by using a flash loan service."

Technological Differentiation

A significant part of the discussion focused on the technological innovations that set Equalizer apart from other DeFi platforms. Unlike many others where flash loans are an ancillary service, Equalizer has centered its architecture and business model around them. This focus allows for superior efficiency, notably in reducing gas costs for transactions — a critical advantage given the transaction-heavy nature of blockchain operations. Equalizer's commitment to no fees for flash loans, multi-chain deployment capabilities, and adherence to standardized protocols for ease of integration underscores its unique position in the market. Furthermore, Julian stressed the importance of security, with comprehensive audits by Certik ensuring the safety of funds across all deployed protocols.

"We didn't invent the flash loan, but we are the only platform that provides it as a core service[...] with gas fees being two times smaller than our competitors."


Expanding the Ecosystem

The conversation also touched on Equalizer's strategic direction, particularly in marketing and user engagement. The recent hiring of a new marketing manager signifies a push towards broadening the platform's user base and developing a solid revenue stream. Julian expressed optimism about the increasing usage and community engagement, indicating a positive trajectory for the platform.


User-Centric Services

Two notable service launches — the Meta Aggregator and the Airdrop Explorer — were discussed as examples of Equalizer's commitment to enhancing user experience. The Meta Aggregator allows for seamless cross-chain asset swaps, while the Airdrop Explorer offers a comprehensive tool for tracking and participating in airdrops, reflecting a broader strategy to make DeFi more accessible and engaging for the community.

"That's one of the new services we have just launched (the Meta Aggregator), which focuses more on the user interface part... you don't have to be a developer to swap assets."


AI Integration and Future Prospects

Looking ahead, Julian shared insights into how Equalizer is exploring the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) to refine and expand its services. Examples include predictive analysis for arbitrage opportunities, adaptive market-making services for decentralized exchanges, and optimized marketing strategies. These endeavors illustrate Equalizer's forward-thinking approach and its dedication to leveraging cutting-edge technology to serve the DeFi community better.


Tokenomics and Community Trust

A frank discussion on tokenomics revealed the lessons learned from past challenges, especially regarding token distribution and the impact of market dynamics on token value. Julian candidly addressed the steps Equalizer is taking to ensure a sustainable future for its token - $EQZ, focusing on building a robust revenue model for the platform that, in turn, supports token appreciation.

"What I can say is that, as a team, we haven't sold any tokens... because we believe in our project and we believe that sooner or later, we will find a way to revamp the trading chart." 
"Everything we do now is to build a sustainable revenue stream for the platform, getting fees and to use these fees in bringing value to the token."


Concluding Remarks

The interview with Julian offered a deep dive into Equalizer Finance's core missions, technological innovations, strategic initiatives, and future directions. It highlighted the project's commitment to reshaping the DeFi landscape through flash loans, user-centric services, and the thoughtful integration of AI technologies. By focusing on efficiency, security, and accessibility, Equalizer is poised to continue its trajectory as a key player in the DeFi space, driving innovation and fostering a more inclusive and balanced financial ecosystem.


Listen to the full AMA here.